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Business Excellence


Business Excellence consists of establishing not just the technical competencies but also the ability to drive and lead change as a core competency within the enterprise. This is essential in order to be able to react effectively to changes in fast moving markets and due to macro economical situations.

Business-Excellence engAn important role is the application of success oriented leadership principles, where cause and effect relationships are clearly monitored and a rigorous implementation of the business strategy through operative measures is measured in short interval control loops.

Implementing Business Excellence is not achieved by copying others or designing posters with attractive mottos. It requires an understanding of the individual situation and a corresponding design of the implementation approach.
Key to success is to get your employees exited by using and applying the new working principles and methods.

Our services include:

  • Top Management / Leadership Coaching
    Strategic and operative leadership to achieve high business performance
  • Visual Management
    Introduction and use of the „Large Room“ (Obeya), alignment of the Vision and Strategy (Hoshin Kanri) to manage the business with focus on key tasks and core processes
  • Change Management Competence
    Early recognition of the requirement for change and active, target oriented leadership of the change processes
  • Multi Project Management
    Efficient use of agile methods to perform the project successful to the point

Such as Excellence in the following areas:

  • Innovation, Research & Development
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Operation (Production, Logistic, Quality, Purchasing)
  • Administration
  • Supply Base & Supply Development


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