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IMIG Convention 2013 in Nanjing successfully takes place with 118 participants

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collageIMIG China hosts its Convention 2013 in Nanjing providing a platform for all who want to make their enterprises and its supply chain more efficient and effective.

What are the future requirements regarding lean implementation in China? What are the different possibilities to adapt existing Lean Systems of European overseas companies for roll-out in their China business entities? What kind of issues Chinese companies have to deal with during the implementation of Lean Principles? How to implement "lean thinking and lean living" in an entire company? What are best practice examples for implementing the Lean philosophy in Chinese companies?

These and further questions were discussed by Executives, Managers, and Lean Experts of renowned enterprises at the IMIG Lean Convention 2013 from April 17th – 19th, 2013 with the slogan "Driving success by efficiency and effectiveness". The congress started with a welcome of Dr. Frank Henze, General Manager of IMIG China. He appreciates that the invitation for the IMIG Lean Convention as a regular platform for the Lean community in the Greater Nanjing area was kindly accepted by more than 110 participants. Following, Mr. Xu, Director of Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone NETDZ, Ms. Zhao, Bureau Chief of Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone, and Mr. Li Dake, Deputy Director of Nanjing Municipal Committee Office also welcome the participants and introduce the benefits of doing business in Nanjing and being located in NETDZ. Next, Gerald Widmaier, Partner at IMIG AG, headquartered in Germany, speaks about "Driving Success by Efficiency and Effectiveness". Having more than 15 years experience in consulting he gives a plethora of best practice examples and shows that success of transformation to Lean is depending on both efficiency as well as effectiveness. After this introduction, Dr. Andreas Heizner, GM of Ameco Beijing, and Fabian Casu, Focus Factory Manager of Continental Automotive Wuhu, both illustrate their company's approach, the challenges and success factors of the implementation of Lean, with lean thinking being the driver for improvement and Lean being a long-term program forming their company's future culture.

The second day of the IMIG convention is opened with a speech of Mr. Tim Zoellmer, Managing Director of VDA QMC, China. He gives a short introduction to the business services of VDA QMC in China and points out that Quality Management "from best practice – for best practice" is the key for excellent performance. Afterwards the speech of Mr. Andreas Peter Aldag, Director of Purchasing at BSH China, focuses on supplier development as one of the key success factors of globally operating companies. The early involvement of suppliers is a win-win-situation, it supports BSH to achieve lower cost as well as benefits their suppliers to produce at improved level of quality. The supplier view is presented by Mr. Yangguang Chen, Plant Manager at Shuanglin, Ningbo, who explains how Shuanglin improved their quality and productivity. Next, Mr. Stuart Kinkade, Sr. Manager Supplier Development at TRW, summarizes his experiences of 30 years in quality management and supplier development in 9 Life Lessons learned. Then, Ms. Kerstin Kersten, GM of Jacob China, reviews the approach and implementation of their China Growth Strategy as Triple-Win Co-Operation to master the challenging Chinese market requirements by applying differentiated concepts for sales and manufacturing. Mr. George Qiu, GM of GE Energy Hangzhou outlines the different requirements of a lean management system in their factory for heavy machinery. The second day is closed with the speech of Mr. Markus Helminger, GM of BSH Nanjing Cooking Factory. He highlights the success factors of their Lean implementation with the central elements being the BSH Production System and Lean Leadership.

All 3 sessions of the congress were closed with vibrant round table discussions involving the keynote-speakers. Prime focus on the different possibilities how to adapt Lean Methods and Principles from an existing production system to the special requirements of Chinese companies. All Experts agreed that it is necessary to use a bottom up approach for getting a better understanding for improving processes on the shopfloor as well as the management has to set the objectives of the individual lean strategy within a top down approach. "Lead by example" and "live the lean way", is of utmost importance to be authentically applied by the management team.

The third day of the IMIG Convention has two parallel tracks of simulation: "Lean in R&D" and "Lean Factory" in the IMIG Nanjing Training and Engineering Center, creating awareness for the significant increase of productivity consequently applying lean principles, methods and tools. The IMIG Convention is closed with the best practice company visit at BSH Nanjing Cooking Factory.

Based on the great success of this event the next IMIG Convention 2014 is scheduled to take place in Nanjing from April 16th to 18th, 2014.


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