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„As a successful International Management- and Implementation Consultancy, our experienced consultants strive for the success of our clients, and have done so for nearly 20 years worldwide. This includes professional guidance as well as attendance from blueprint to effectively realizing the given task, guaranteed due to vast experience in areas we are knowledgeable in.

We are only satisfied, when our customers are successful.

I like to compare what we promise our customers to what you would expect from an experienced mountain guide, who doesn’t only sell the roadmap, but who is guiding his hikers, on account of his own experience, even through hardship situations, safely to the set goal and the achievement of success.“

Matthias HartmannDr. Matthias Hartmann, CEO

The IMIG Group has long-term experience of structuring and improving business processes as well as company positioning and –focus.

Working with IMIG means:

  • creative ideas
  • efficient design of concepts
  • consequent implementation
  • holistic approach
  • customized solutions
  • involvement of employees

We consider both the identification and implementation of measures for profitable growth as well as the development and deployment of optimized workflows and structures for logistics, production, innovation, sales, management and personnel processes.

We combine future-, result- and implementation-orientation to an optimum solution for our customers. We can as well claim that we improve our services and ourselves steadily.

With our qualified technical and management experts our services comprise the segments Consulting, Coaching, Training and Implementation as our main substantive subjects.


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