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What are the next steps scheduled for Brexit, and how can IMIG successfully support you?

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From the outside, the Brexit negotiations look like a never-ending crime thriller. Many companies are now asking themselves the following questions: what will become of the British market and how will it impact future strategic decisions? Are my subsidiaries and branches in the United Kingdom at risk? Or is right now a great opportunity to conquer the UK market?
Use IMIG as your captain: IMIG will show you all the possible routes across the turbulent seas, and finally pursue the most efficient course by your side, so you can reach your individual goals as best as possible.

The next stages and milestones scheduled for Brexit, as briefly summarised by Spiegel Online:

  • "Mid-January 2019: The British House of Commons votes on the withdrawal agreement that the Prime Minister negotiated with the EU. Her cabinet had approved the agreement on 14 November. May had to postpone a vote in Parliament that had actually been scheduled for December because there was a risk that it would not pass.
  • By mid-March 2019: The EU Parliament ratifies the exit agreement. Thereafter, the Council of the European Union decides on the agreement. This requires a super-qualified majority: at least 72 percent of the member states, which together represent at least 65 percent of the population.
  • 29 March 2019: Britain formally leaves the EU. If we end up with a ratified deal for Brexit, the transitional period will now begin and last until the end of 2020. In addition, the future relationship between the EU and the United Kingdom will now be negotiated.
  • In July 2020, it will be decided whether the transition period may be extended.
  • 31 December 2020: The transitional period as originally scheduled comes to an end. If the parties have been unable to agree on a free trade agreement during their negotiations, an emergency regulation ("backstop") will now be used. This would prevent a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland until further notice."

How can IMIG guide you throughout the complicated, opaque negotiations and assist you so that your business develops positively in the UK market?

At IMIG, we use our own established structure and approach to set out the opportunities and risks for your company posed by such significant changes in politics and the economy. This basic framework serves as the basis for the strategy paper, which is then both individually and jointly developed. At IMIG, we will look at these uncertainties and their possible effects with you in a critical, constructive way, and not only when it comes to Brexit. We also deal with other political and economic changes such as the Trump effect, the exhaust gas scandal, etc. Our approach is individual, based on the topic or situation at hand and designed to align with goals and framework conditions. To start with, we collect all the information available on the topic in question. In addition, we identify our customer's requirements and wishes, so that the current position and situation can be analysed as best as possible. The strategy paper developed in this way is intended to give you significantly more clarity, transparency and security for future decisions.

We have already successfully worked through and implemented the below procedure with customers. A scenario analysis leads you through your entire problem. Regardless of whether you are interested in a potential market entry, exit or location decision, we can support you with our expertise and tools. The scenarios are carried out in several coordinated steps and are intended to visualise opportunities and risks equally. There is also an overview of possible actions with if-then sequences. This allows individual companies to better weigh things up, make strategically important decisions and take the right path.

Our international team encompasses every element of the expertise necessary for a meaningful Brexit strategy paper. In collaboration with us, you will be able to find the correct, successful route across the sea.

We are only satisfied when you are successful!


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