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Short Introduction of Salvatore Giammaria – Vice President Sales & Business Excellence at IMIG China

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I’d like to introduce myself to our estimates customers, colleagues and to all the readers of IMIG Group Newsletter.
My Name is Salvatore Giammaria, during my over 25 years of working experiences, I developed a depth knowledge of Production Process, Quality Process, Sales, Business Development and Operational Management working with some of the most important MNC.

I join IMIG China last October 2017 and this is a life-changing event, for me to have the opportunity to work for an International and well known Group, with people who have an enormous know-how, it’s a privilege, interesting and another chance to enrich my experience.

Since last October with the support of this great Group, I’d start to share ideas and visions about the Consulting business in China, trends and strategies for our future.

At this moment, Chinese Industries are evolving one more time, switching from uncontrolled and un-managed mass production (years 2000 to 2012-GDP over 10%) to most mature, controlled and efficient production system (since 2013 China GDP is stable under 8%) and following this trend, even Chinese manufacturers start to realize they need to learn and to improve management skills.

At IMIG China we face this changing and we are adapting using new approaches and new strategies to conquer more and new segments, not only proposing our services to MNC but even to more and more local companies, proposing services in OPEX, Future Management, Smart Manufacturing, Automation and Industry 4.0.

I’m aware this is a very competitive and fast growing business field, but without accepting all the challenges and changing Life put on my path I wasn’t here now working for one of the most rewarding Group.

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Salvatore Giammaria, VP Sales & Business Excellence IMIG China

Salvatore Giammaria


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