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What are the next steps scheduled for Brexit, and how can IMIG successfully support you?

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From the outside, the Brexit negotiations look like a never-ending crime thriller. Many companies are now asking themselves the following questions: what will become of the British market and how will it impact future strategic decisions? Are my subsidiaries and branches in the United Kingdom at risk? Or is right now a great opportunity to conquer the UK market?
Use IMIG as your captain: IMIG will show you all the possible routes across the turbulent seas, and finally pursue the most efficient course by your side, so you can reach your individual goals as best as possible.

2018 Highlights and a Look Ahead to 2019 Matthias Hartmann, founder and CEO of IMIG AG, reports on the past year and takes a look ahead to 2019

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Having already posted an outstanding year in 2017, 2018 proved to be even more successful with several interesting and innovative projects completed for and with our clients. In addition to our long-standing client, we were able to add several very interesting new ones, in particular in the automotive, industrial, and mechanical engineering segments.

International Management & Innovation Group AG founded and opens a new location in Prague, Czech Republic

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The management consultancy IMIG AG adds another location and celebrates the opening of a new office in Prague. After several years of successful project work in the Czech Republic and a good, cooperative partnership, the several years of preparation have now led to the foundation of IMIG Czech s.r.o. (LLC) . At the beginning of December, the partners completed the foundation in the "Golden City" of Prague, recognized by UNESCO. 

Brexit and IMIG - Where is the connection?!

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The Brexit negotiations look like a crime thriller from the outside. On the one hand, the EU is preparing for a contingency plan in the event of the negotiations failing, and on the other hand, breakthroughs in the negotiations are reported. Does politics really operate as haphazardly as it seems to? The British economy is increasingly running out of patience with the risk of an uncontrolled exit from the EU. So, what to do?

Short Introduction of Mr. Qiang Zhao – Senior Consultant at IMIG China Co., Ltd.

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I´ve been a Senior Consultant at IMIG China for almost 4 years, I am always full of energy to conquer each challenge and enjoy this exciting working every day. Graduated from Mechanical Design & Manufacturing and Automation at Nanjing University, I am still set the high standards for myself, I keep on the further study on professional fields, communication skills and rich practical experiences.

Short introduction by Thoralf Enström – Managing Director & Senior Consultant of IMIG Industry Consult GmbH

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In the good tradition of the IMIG Group Newsletter, today I would like to introduce myself to you as a reader in my role as Managing Director at IMIG Industry Consult GmbH. My name is Thoralf Enström. I have been active as a senior consultant in the company since the beginning of 2017 and have become Managing Director of IMIG IC GmbH together with Mr. Christian Pfingstl at the beginning of the year.

New Business Development Workshop (Innovation Challenge Training)

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Client Situation & Issue:
+ Due to decreasing ATM & POS systems market in Japan, they have to produce NEW Product, New Service & New Business. And also sell them global market.
+ They have been trying to change their capability of Operational Excellence into Innovation Excellence.
+ They have to develop their Technology and keep competitiveness in Japan & Global.
+ They have to describe new business by using new technology and solution.

IMIG project report on LEAN Production – design of a production island for medium-sized mechanical engineering company

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Like many organically grown and often family-owned SMEs, this engineering company also faced the problem of adapting its capacities or rather its production environment to the positive economic conditions. On the one hand, the decision to expand a 50-year-old production hall was made in advance, on the other hand, also to invest in new equipment, in particular a state-of-the-art paint finishing system.

Working with Jacob GmbH in the US

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IMIG has been working with Jacob GmbH for several years.  Part of the initial activity was the development of a strategic plan focused on increasing active participation in the US market.  As Jacob and IMIG looked at growth opportunities it became clear that there were significant market opportunities outside of the German / European market. 


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