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Working with Jacob GmbH in the US

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IMIG has been working with Jacob GmbH for several years.  Part of the initial activity was the development of a strategic plan focused on increasing active participation in the US market.  As Jacob and IMIG looked at growth opportunities it became clear that there were significant market opportunities outside of the German / European market. 

Think Big! - IMIG Group develops a Global Strategic Vision for 2023 in Friedrichshafen

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The managing directors of all IMIG locations worldwide met in mid-April and held the first Global Strategy Meeting (GSM). The IMIG team spent the three days in beautiful Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance.
The aim was, on the one hand, to get to know the individual subsidiaries better, in order to be able to carry out internationally networked projects more efficiently and in a more targeted manner. On the other hand, it was to develop a uniform, strategic vision of the future for the IMIG Group.

Short introduction of Mario Orasche - Senior Consultant for IMIG Austria GmbH

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My name is Mario Orasche and as a Carinthian Slovene, born in Vienna, I grew up in Klagenfurt, where I graduated from the Technical College of Mechanical Engineering. To broaden both my horizons and my professional knowledge, I then studied International Business Administration in Vienna, Clermont-Ferrand (F) and at the London School of Economics (UK), focusing on corporate finance and capital markets, as well as languages. As part of my dissertation, I carried out a case study on a renowned Austrian mechanical and plant engineering company.

Exciting IMIG project report about a Business Excellence Program on Administration Area at a Manufacturing Company in China

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Lean Administration has become the model of future administration management as lean thinking becomes the global mainstream management philosophy. Create a client-oriented and defect-free process by eliminating waste in processes and finally build up the work environment that stimulates employee creativity and vitality. As the global business environment is accelerating, therefore it forces corporations and organizations to evaluate their concepts and technologies in response to business challenges from time to time.

Short Introduction of Dipl.-Eng. Jozsef Antal – Consultant at IMIG Austria Consult GmbH

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My name is Jozsef Antal, I am coming from East-Hungary. I started to work at the newly founded IMIG AC GmbH in Klagenfurt, Austria at the beginning of January 2018.
I have studied agricultural engineering – M.Sc. in environment technology and management – specialized in environment management technologies at the University of Debrecen (Hungary), where I obtained a second degree (M.Sc.) in spatial development and also finished a PhD course in the field of territorial development.

Interesting project report on a business excellence programme at a mechanical and plant engineering company in south-western Germany

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Topics addressed, supported, and implemented within the business excellence programme include:

  • introduce SCRUM, an agile project management method to mechanical and electrical design, hardware and software development, and commissioning
  • improve management, core, and support processes with new process modelling
  • continuous reporting on project status and progress based on project, topical, and process audits
  • introduce multi-project management in pilot projects
  • introduce the design-to-cost methodology

In order to gain more detailed findings of the individual focus areas, these topics are briefly presented below:

Short introduction of Dr Daniel Pressl - Managing Director of the newly founded IMIG Austria Consult GmbH

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I graduated in 2009 with a PhD from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and hold a Diploma in Engineering from the Montanuniversität in Leoben.

I have worked in a variety of industries, including the wood, paper, plastics, and automotive industries, and, in the course of my PhD, in advanced welding technologies. I am the founder of ABC House GmbH and, as of January 2018, founder and Managing Director of IMIG Austria GmbH.

Short Introduction of Salvatore Giammaria – Vice President Sales & Business Excellence at IMIG China

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I’d like to introduce myself to our estimates customers, colleagues and to all the readers of IMIG Group Newsletter.
My Name is Salvatore Giammaria, during my over 25 years of working experiences, I developed a depth knowledge of Production Process, Quality Process, Sales, Business Development and Operational Management working with some of the most important MNC.


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