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December 2017

IMIG highlights from 2017 and expectations for 2018

Customer Interview with nobilia about the TPM-Project

Lean Logistics Implementation by Eliminating Wastes


November 2017

Use Lean to achieve the highest performance in indirect areas

Logistics Cost Reduction by Packaging Design

Press review - EU adopts CO2 limits


Oktober 2017

Industry 4.0 - Exchange between JAPAN and GERMANY as the basis for the FMIC Future Lab in Tokyo

Consulting 4.0: A current trend or the future of consulting after all

Smart Logistics to overcome supply chain challenges in China


September 2017

Internal IMIG Strategy days with grill event

Quality Cost Management in Supply Chain

Report about E-Mobility and Gigafactory


August 2017

Brexit and IMIG - What is the connection?

Supplier Round Table at IMIG China

Line organisation versus project organisation


July 2017

Report from an IMIG Intern-First week of work at IMIG Germany

Designing the future is fun-IMIG successfully implements Innovation Management at Hermes Schleifwerkzeuge GmbH Co. KG

The systematic IMIG China approach for factory relocation


June 2017

pdfWE WANT YOU - IMIG is looking for personnel reinforcement

pdfAn information summary of the current political situation regarding US President Donald Trump


May 2017

pdfSCRUM Training at Leading German Automotive OEM in China Headquarters

pdfIMIG implements a multi Business Excellence Program at one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality industrial fans

 pdfModular application of factory, layout and infrastructure planning - from "simply ingenious" to "ingeniously simple"


April 2017

pdfInternal IMIG Strategy-Days in Kitzbühel

pdfReport from the IMIG VP USA: US Market Perspective after the Presidential Election

pdfDesign to Cost - bringing about the most cost-effective solution in development


March 2017

pdfSuccessfully using methods in product development - Lean R&D Simulation developed by IMIG

pdfInterview with Optima life science GmbH: Business Excellence in mechanical and plant engineering

pdfTime for a change or a tempest in a teacup? How do buzzwords like "the Trump effect" and "Brexit" affect global companies?


February 2017

pdfMulti project management - the potential to use synergies and resources efficiently

pdfInterview with MS Ultrasonic Technology Group: A special machine manufacturer dares product innovation

pdfIndustry 4.0 - Chance, buzzword or future perspective


January 2017

pdfInterview: IMIG Highlights 2016 and expectations 2017

pdfProject: Delivery problems despite advanced industry 4.0 level - supplier development in Eastern Europe

pdfCompetitive advantages through agile methods - the trend in mechanical and plant engineering


pdfManagement systems

pdfLogistic systems

pdfProduction systems

pdfOffice Excellence

pdfBusiness Simulations


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