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Supply Chain Management & Location Planning

interconnected-compan-conceptIn the face of Industry 4.0 and global markets with high volatility the competitiveness of the own enterprise is determined not just by its own performance but also by the location planning and the performance of the parties involved in the supply chain.

fundamentplatteplanning-for-travel-directionAn optimal overall performance can only be achieved when the interaction of the entities involved in the overall chain and the market requirements are either met or exceeded.

New business processes with electronic workflow and faster communication will be established and lead to adjustment of the business models in nearly all sectors.

Significant improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of the production and the supply chain will be achieved with the right configuration of the value-creation network.

Our services include:

  • Design of Production Systems and Supply Chain
    Evaluation of the conditions for using Industry 4.0, design of the entire process chain based on the SCOR®-Method, Agile Manufacturing, Lean, EFQM, e-Workflow)
  • Supplier Management and Supplier Development
    Systematic, best fitting configuration of the relationships within a supplier platform, considering targeted development of the suppliers so that they can completely fulfil the requirements
  • Production Relocation
    Relocation of manufacturing processes to increase competitiveness under consideration of „Total Cost of Ownership“
  • Manufacturing Blueprint/Location Planning
    Design of worldwide manufacturing networks with the establishment of the necessary competencies at the different locations and allowing flexibility to achieve market requirements
  • Evaluation and Optimization of Value Chain Systems
    Potential assessment to the Status Quo considering the effectiveness, the extent to which the system has been established within the company and the possibility of improving sustainability and implementation of improvement measures


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