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 Strategy- & Innovation Management


Defining the right strategy is key to the success of any business. Many companies still rely on cumulating the projected sales volume and costs for the next years to see where they end up.


While this approach has its justification, we take the approach of working together with our customers to understand the business environment and to define scenarios for profitable growth.

These scenarios are then used to determine the strategic direction and prioritise the activities for the years ahead.

Equally important is aligning innovation management and business processes to ensure a sustainable growth. Instead of cost competition we develop new services, business areas and market segments with our customers.

Our services include:

  • Innovation Management
    Applying creativity techniques, ensuring the innovation pipeline is systematically managed, ideas brought to market
  • Business Strategy
    Identifying the key business drivers of profitable growth, defining scenarios, establishing the necessary actions to secure long term success
  • Innovation Roadmap
    Systematically defining the window of opportunity for technologies, products and services to be brought to market
  • Portfolio Management
    Analyzing the market offerings, planning and managing the lifecycles of products, services and market segments
  • Strategic Early Detection
    Defining trends likely to have a major impact on future business growth


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