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 Organizational Development & Competency Management


Companies try to bring together in their organizational structures the frequently complex internal and external requirements in a manageable form. This frequently results in a level of complexity, which hinders rather than helps the key business processes and results in non-value adding activities, which are unnecessary and a cause of frustration.

Large scale Change Management Projects are necessary in order to affect any changes to the organization. This approach is no longer suitable in today‘s world of dynamic markets, high levels of internationalization and the multifarious communication methods, both within and outside an enterprise. Additionally there is an expectation that these methods should result in fast and efficient decision-making.

Based on our experience of increasing business ability to change and become more agile, we empower companies to continuously develop their own organization and competencies and develop change management as an internal competency to increase value add across business areas. men-holding-the-cubes

Our services include:

  • Diagnosis of Organizations and Competencies    
    Recognition and evaluation of blocked potential in the existing organizational structure
  • Competency Management and Management of Value Add
    Increasing the degree of value add and efficient combination of qualification and decision making competence in all business areas
  • Cross Functional Teams and Process Orientation    
    Allocation of activities and tasks, as well as qualifications and decision making competence within the key processes
  • Organizational Dynamic and Self-Organization    
    Working with key indicators and organizational models as a basis for continuous improvement of the organization
  • Communication and Information Quality
    Improvement of the quality of communication and information, rather than the quantity


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