Lean Operation & Layout Planning

businessman-pressing-button-on-touchscreenHigh performance and continuous improvement have long been part of day-to-day work in Manufacturing and Logistics. Without on-going improvements successful production is barely imaginable.

Meanwhile the optimization of administrative processes has been included in the continuous improvement process to use untapped potential along the whole order processing procedure.

Missing transparency with many ill-defined interfaces, which are main drivers of waste, which is observed in time spent for searching, waiting and queries.

In this case the approach is to apply the Lean Philosophy with the focus on customer orientation, elimination of waste, Right First Time, Continuous Improvement in relation to new innovative solutions like Industry 4.0. postindustrielle-buerofläche

Our services include:

  • Introduction and Implementation of Lean
    Increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of manufacturing and order processes by applying the Lean Philosophy and approach including the appropriate methods and tools
  • Standardization and Self-Organization
    Implementation of 5S to reduce waste caused by searching, waiting, etc. as a basis for the self-organization of teams
  • Layout Planning
    Optimization of the spatial arrangement for the logistic and manufacturing areas and incorporating the workplace systems in the office supported with 3D modelling (Rapid Prototyping and also Lego®) and simulation of the factory incorporating the planned employees on of teams

Such as:in-the-factory

  • Value Stream Design and Value Stream Management
  • Improvement of Quality
  • Work Organization
  • Continuous Improvement Process


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